ecare counseling live webinars

Live Webinars

Our Live Webinars are beneficial and cost-effective. This is very much interactive and a face-to-face or a classroom type of training by most state credentialing boards. One of the things that made this more convenient is that your receipt will be sent via email when you’re done with the registration process for one of our webinars. Soon after the webinar information was sent, the webinar link will be sent too. Get to know the speakers, other participants, and powerpoint or PDF syllabus presentation once you open the link sent to your email. One of the best things you have to consider is that your capability to control your mic and your video. Also, sending chat messages privately to the presenter or to everyone is can be done also.

It would be best to turn off or mute your microphone to limit distracting background during the session. You can just unmute it if you want to voice out comments or ask questions at the same time. After the live webinar training, you will receive a SURVEY (post-evaluation questionnaire) regarding the educational experience via email. Once we can confirm that you are done taking the survey, a certificate will be sent to your email automatically.

E Care Counseling uses Zoom meeting as our webinar platform. If you are new to Zoom, please click the link to install Zoom and test your microphone/speakers prior to the call. Please click the link below to watch the short video tutorial on how to join the meeting through Zoom. If you are concerned about being able to connect to the webinar, please try to log in 30 minutes early so one of our staff can help you to log in and get into the session. If you are unable to connect please contact Zoom technical support @ 1.888.799.0125